Monday, 30 April 2012

On August 3, 2009, Yawen Wayeni of Matembu village, Serui, in the Indonesian province of Papua, was captured by Indonesian paramililtary police (BRIMOB). Wayeni was an escaped political prisoner who had been accused of burning police vehicles and buildings. At the time of his arrest, local NGO sources claim Wayeni was unarmed and not politically active. These same sources maintain that during interrogation into the whereabouts of local pro-independence guerillas (OPM/TPN), BRIMOB officers sliced Wayeni's abdomen open with a bayonet, causing his death. BRIMOB maintains that Wayeni's injuries came while he was resisting arrest with a homemade firearm. The following photos and video of the incident were taken by BRIMOB officers and leaked by unknown sources.
The Indonesian government rejects allegations of state violence in Papua, but as long as restrictions on international media and NGO access to Indonesian Papua -- tight and growing tighter -- remain in place, no independent verification of the facts will be possible, and actions of security forces will continue to be questioned.
If the situation in Indonesian Papua disturbs you, please contact your elected representatives. US citizens please ask your Congressman to support H Res 1355.

When their military are busy and separated for West Papua , then Sumatra Borneo Celebes Bali Moluccas begin to separate from java.

It is West Papua Rights Decision to be free.

Now all world knew indonesia has manipulated history to rob their islands.

Separated by seas Sumatra Borneo West Papua Moluccas Celebes have The Rights to Freedom as the new nations like East Timor did.

Everyday everywhere in indonesia will face the separatism activities until their arrogant indonesia is gone by nature.

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