Saturday, 12 October 2013

Superman - Taylor Swift, Music Video

How do you still hurt me
When you aren’t even here
I thought the pain was over
I thought that things were clear

I thought I wouldn’t have to cry
At night when I’m alone
I thought I would stop hoping
When I hear my phone

I thought knew it was coming
When you stopped loving me
The things you did, that things you said
You were so mean to me

You used to be so gentle
You used to be my friend
You used to tell me all the time
You would be with me until the end

It’s dumb because I believed you
I let my feelings fly
And now I’m sleeping all alone
I really wish that I could die

If I could change it in a second,
I have told you that I would
I would go back to how it was,
When things were really good

I just can’t seem to understand
The way that feelings change
I really thought when I found love
It wouldn’t be so strange

To let go of that, that love we found
Is the hardest part of all.
To let go, to move on, to erase you,
Is the hardest part of all.

“Your free, go fly!” you said to me,
like this was some huge joke.
If you only knew I still cry so hard,
I almost nearly choke

No one knows I still feel this way
They think my fight is over
The thing I’m most afraid of,
Is if it will ever be over

Were you it? Is that all? Will I ever love again?
Because I still can’t picture anyone better than you,
For a lover or a friend.

There’s that stupid saying,
about meaning the world to one person
You still mean the world to me
But maybe I’m still learning

Those days we were together
Were the happiest so far of my life
Those days where I could be with you
Was the only time everything felt right

I thought that I was over you
I thought I could move on
But when I tried to sleep tonight
Everything was wrong.

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